Ash Faughn

Ash’s Bio

Ash graduated from Empire Beauty School and has been a Bridal Hair and Makeup Specialist for three years and working behind the chair for two. For hair she specializes in: Balayage, blondes and baby-lights. For makeup she is skilled in airbrush makeup and traditional makeup.

Ash for started out in this industry when someone told her she would never be able to braid her own hair because it was so long. Not one to take no for an answer she then laid her head on a pillow to teach her fingers to successfully and quickly braid her own (long) hair.

Over time she got fast enough and her arms didn’t hurt when I stood up, by then everyone started complimenting her braids and fun styles. Ash then decided to get serious about it and go to school and now she is quite the hair magician.

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Ash’s Services


Women’s Haircut

All Over Color

All Over Color/Haircut

All Over Color/ Mini Highlight

All Over Color/Mini Highlight/Haircut

All Over Color/Partial Highlight

All Over Color/Partial Highlight/Haircut

All Over Color/Full Highlight

All Over Color/Full Highlight/Haircut

Mini Highlight

Mini Highlight/Haircut

Partial Highlight

Partial Highlight/Haircut

Full Highlight

Full Highlight/Haircut

Balayage Partial

Balayage Partial/Haircut

Balayage Full

Balayage Full/Haircut



Updo (In Salon)

Half Up (In Salon)

Blowout with Curls (In Salon)


Airbrush Makeup (In Salon)

Traditional Makeup (In Salon)

Strip Lashes