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Aisi Bhi Kya Jaldi Hai Full Movie Download In Hindi Mp4 enrisad




 . . He checks her every move, tries to put a watch on her every move, and makes sure that no bad guy tries to get near her. He is so conscious about her safety that he does not even allow her to join a dancing group. Everything looks very normal. One day, while they are away from their home, they get kidnapped by a gang, and Sanjay and Asha are separated from each other. Asha starts looking for her father. Meanwhile, Sanjay tries to find Asha, but in vain. Sanjay then comes to know that Asha is not his daughter, as he has met her. He then starts hating her. Once he gets to know that the guy he has kidnapped and killed, is Asha's father, and that she is his daughter. Sanjay then tries to kill her. Later, Sanjay tries to kill her son. He also tries to kill her husband. Later, he tries to kill Asha, but fails. Sanjay and Asha live in the same building. One day, Sanjay tries to poison Asha, but fails. He then attempts to use his brain to save her, which ultimately kills him. Athang's father, a gangster, takes his son away from school. He is caught with another man. Due to a scuffle between gangsters, Athang gets trapped inside the house of one of them. Inside the house, Athang meets a young woman named Aisha. They fall in love. Athang's mother realizes that he is all right. He realizes that he has been kidnapped by a gang. Athang sees the woman who lives in the house. He tries to escape. He hides inside her house. Athang breaks into the gang leader's house. He is caught inside by the gang. They lock him up. Athang realizes that the gang leader is his father. He runs away from home. His father tracks him down and beats him up. Athang then sees his mother and Asha at the railway station. Athang goes to meet Asha and her father. When Asha tries to escape, Athang chases after her. Athang is caught inside the house of the gang leader and saved by Aisha. Athang helps Aisha to escape. Athang then helps his mother. Cast Soundtrack The music was composed by Anu Malik, while the lyrics were penned by Sameer. References External links Category:1996 films



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Aisi Bhi Kya Jaldi Hai Full Movie Download In Hindi Mp4 enrisad
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