An Existential View on Hair, Makeup & Personal Style

I’ve been doing quite a few makeup lessons recently, which is AWESOME!

Teaching women (and occasional men) how to do their makeup more simply and effectively with the appropriate products and tools – well, let’s just say it’s my favorite part of my job.

Being an introvert, I usually end my days with very little energy after taking care of numerous clients’ beauty needs and running a salon. I socialize, I engage with my clients and our staff, and I provide professional services with a smile.  But, honestly, most days I end up lying flat on my back in my bed with a glass of wine, with internal dialogue similar to this: “Please stop calling me. I’m an empty shell.”  I’m like a Prius and need to be plugged in.

**SURPRISE!*** After each of these recent makeup lessons, I noticed my energy levels were abnormally high.  Last night I could barely fall asleep!

I LOVE WHAT I DO! Of course I love being an artist, please don’t get me wrong. However, I think I am addicted to empowering people.

Everyday, I am blessed to watch clients leave my salon as more empowered individuals because of their connections to this business, to the amazing artists who represent the brand (#teamave42), and most importantly because of their connections to themselves.

Call me vain! I’ve been called much worse! #byefelicia

I think we cannot truly experience the beauty of life until we know ourselves.  And we cannot express the art of who we are, which is style, until we love ourselves.

When we practice love – for ourselves and others – we become who we were designed to be.

Practicing love for myself included embracing my adult onset cystic acne, my crazy thyroid which (despite my commitment to working out and healthy eating) results in having two sets of clothing and lots of leggings and maxi dresses, my codependent nature, paralyzing fear, kickass athleticism, nail biting, impulsivity, attentional deficit disorder, etc. etc.

  • I am Natalie.

  • I know who I am and nothing I can do to my appearance will ever change Natalie.

  • Because I love who I am – “flaws and all” – I am more capable of loving others.

  • Loving others – EMPOWERING OTHERS – is what we were designed to do.

  • Coloring your hair isn’t vain.

  • Buying makeup isn’t vain.

  • Vanity is obsessing over being someone you aren’t.

  • Style is embracing who you ARE.

  • Who you are is exactly who you were designed to be.  YOU are a masterpiece.

  • Color your hair.

  • Buy makeup.

  • BE YOU.




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