Advice for Successful Bridal Hair & Makeup Trials

A recent email conversation with a future bride prompted me to write this blog.  Like many clients, Nicole is nervous that she won’t look like herself on her wedding day.  She usually wears her hair down and minimal makeup.  Unless you are a total makeup junkie and get weekly blowouts, you are going to have some anxiety about your hair and makeup trial.

Please let me put you at ease… Here was my response to Nicole:

“I completely understand wanting to feel like yourself.  You should feel like yourself except more empowered. You are stepping into a new chapter of your life and we want you to do it beautifully and powerfully.  This process is designed to be an honest conversation through which we curate a work of art. We may go back and forth a little or we may nail it on the first try.  No matter what, it’s the way you feel that matters most.  So pay attention to your feelings, and less about what other people say.”

Why do you need professional hair and makeup styling for your wedding?

Professional hair and makeup styling is actually a support service to your photographer.  We take into consideration how you will be photographed, the lighting, your photographers style (editing etc.), your personal style, the style of your event, and your face shape/hair type.

When you invest in a hair and makeup artist, you are investing in not just his or her artistic talent, but that artistic talent applied with the objective to get you the very best photos.

Bridging the gap to create a look that works well with the brides personal style and the event,  is flattering to her unique features and is maximized on camera…. well that is by definition what distinguishes a professional artist from someone who can “do hair” or “do makeup.”

So what can you do as a bride to maximize your trial appointment?

Be open minded but very honest.  You aren’t going to hurt our feelings!  This process only works if lines of communication are open.

Remember that not everyone is verbal.  Bring one or two photos in case you have a hard time describing what you like. If you bring more than three photos for each service, you will not be communicating clearly.  Google red carpet photos for inspiration. Pinterest is too overwhelming.  Red carpet images from the Oscars, etc. showcase hair and makeup styles that were intentionally created just like the one we will be creating for you.  The artists who designed those looks were professionals, and those images are not retouched.

If you can make your trial appointment before one of your dress fittings, that is ideal.  If not, go home and try on a formal gown or dress in your closet.  It’s important that you look at yourself from a formal perspective, not in jeans and a button up shirt in your car doing selfies.

Lastly, and most importantly, pay attention to how you FEEL.  We want you to feel proud of the way you look.  We want you to hold your head high and celebrate the commitment you are making.  Because THAT is something beautiful.




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