5 Common Organic Skin Care Myths, Debunked

People are becoming more aware of the harmful chemicals lurking in their skincare products, so more companies are jumping on the natural skincare train, producing products that are organic, all-natural, and free of questionable ingredients that can not only affect our skin but our health too.

During our growth as an all-service salon here in Richmond, Virginia, we learned the ins and outs of not only quality hair care, but also skincare products that will best serve our clients’ needs.

Of course, many people are still skeptical of organic products, believing them to simply be marketing gimmicks, or not believing that they will work as well as the conventional products they grew up using.

If this sounds like you, then that’s okay! It’s perfectly okay to have questions. That’s why we decided to put together a few common misconceptions about organic skincare and set the record straight for our #ave42babes.

MYTH 1: All organic products are safe.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case! Many toxic ingredients are found in everyday skin care.

Commonly present ingredients, such as Alcohol/Isopropyl (SD-40), not only strip your skin of your natural oils, but they can accelerate the penetration of other detrimental chemicals.

MYTH 2: All natural skincare is created equal.

Key word here: natural (not organic). While many products may claim to be all natural on their label, this does not mean the ingredients are organic, and in fact, they may be saturated with pesticides.

To become organic certified, companies and/or ingredient suppliers must undergo a rigorous process where they are monitored for years to ensure farming methods etc. all follow the organic guidelines.

This process takes time, but we can all agree it’s worth the wait! If you’re looking for a certified all-natural product, try the Rose Oil Cold Cream Cleanser by Zolia Vera.

We are now offering this product in-store, so come on over and grab yours today!

MYTH 3: Organic products aren’t as effective.

We get it. Some of us are totally afraid of change, and that’s okay! However, using the same skincare product is always necessarily the best.

Your skin changes over time, so why not adapt your skincare solutions too? Truth bomb: your drugstore skincare products have been diluted/watered down and filled with many chemical preservatives to extend the lifespan.

This means that while the product may offer temporary results, you shouldn’t expect to see real long-term benefits.

Carefully selected organic products, on the other hand, are jam-packed with the vitamins and nutrients your skin needs to stay glowing and hydrated in the long-term.

MYTH 4: Organic skincare is too expensive.

This is totally false, we promise! Certified organic products are like idyllic friends – they’re pure, consistent, and steadfast.

A little goes a long way with organic skincare products; therefore, the cost is more than worth it for the use you’ll get out of them!

We urge all women to do their research: look at the ingredients on every product and remember that they will impact our confidence and health continually.

We truly cannot put a price on our wellbeing.

MYTH 5: Eating healthy is good enough.

Again, not true! Skin is your largest organ and it has a symbiotic and mutually beneficial relationship with your lifestyle.

What you place on your skin affects your overall internal health, just like what you consume affects the appearance of your skin.

A healthy glow is quite literally derived from the inside out, and vice versa!

We hope this myth-debunking blog post answers some of your concerns and that it opens you up to trying organic products for yourself. Treat your skin like the gold it is, babes!


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